Parallel-Flowing and the shrinking Flow zone

Let’s explore how being in the “Zone” or being in “Flow” ain’t static and changes throughout your career. Prerequisite to getting into Flow Short feedback loops sets Software Engineering apart from every other profession. Just take a second and think about it. A Cellular Bioengineer applies a substance to a set of cells and has

Authentication in Istio

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I would have never believed that I would be excited about Authentication and Authorization. What on the technological spectrum could Istio possibly do to make me excited about these dreadful topics, and more importantly why should it excite you as well? Because, Istio takes these responsibilities from our services and offloads them to the Envoy

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Timeouts, Retries and CircuitBreakers with Istio

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It’s not always that the code is buggy. In the list of “The 8 fallacies of distributed computing” the first fallacy is that “The network is reliable”. The network is definitely NOT reliable, and that is why we need Timeouts and Retries. For demonstration purposes, we will continue to use the buggy version of sa-logic, where

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A/B Testing – DestinationRules in Practice

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Traffic Management Using the Envoy’s Istio provides a host of new capabilities to your cluster enabling: Dynamic request routing: Canary deployments, A/B testing, Load balancing: Simple and Consistent Hash balancing Failure Recovery: timeouts, retries, circuit breakers. Fault Injection: delays, abort requests etc. In this series, we will showcase these capabilities in our application and get

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Istio in Practice – Routing with VirtualService

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The VirtualService resource The VirtualService instructs the Ingress Gateway how to route the requests that were allowed into the cluster. For our application requests coming through the http-gateway must be routed to the sa-frontend, sa-web-app and sa-feedback services (shown in figure 1). Let’s break down the requests that should be routed to SA-Frontend: Exact path

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Istio in Practice – Ingress Gateway

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Intro to Ingress Gateway A best practice for allowing traffic into your cluster is through Istio’s Ingress Gateway which positions itself at the edge of the cluster and on incoming traffic enables Istio’s features like routing, security, monitoring. During Istio’s installation, the Ingress Gateway component and a service that exposes it externally were installed into

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