Istio series Summary

Tap yourself on the back, you are amazing for sticking with this it definitely wasn’t easy, there were bumps along the way and it wasn’t as smooth as I presented. But now you mastered this amazing technology!

Istio? Let’s call it Beast-io!! Because it’s such a BEAST! It provided us with:

Fig. 1. Beast-io
  • Observability over our services by answering what services are running, how are they performing and how are they related, using Kiali.
  • Metric collection and visualization, with Prometheus and Grafana, out of the box!
  • Request tracing with Jaeger (german for Hunter).
  • Full and fine-grained control over the network traffic, enabling Canary Deployments, A/B Testing, Shadowing.
  • Easy implementation of Retries, Timeouts, CircuitBreakers.
  • All of these reduces the overhead of introducing new services to the cluster.
  • Added Authentication and Authorization to all microservices in different programming languages, without code changes on server side.
  • Reduced the complexity of Authorization to two configuration files.

Beastio (yes cheezy but I roll with it) enables your team, once again to provide business value and focus on the domain, without the overhead of services, which is taken care by Istio.

I want to thank you for joining me on this voyage. Since you read this far I know that you loved this article and would be interested in more. I write articles that go to this depth of detail for new technologies every 3 months. You can always expect an example application, hands-on practice and a guide that provides you with the right tools and knowledge to tackle any real-world project.

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